Odaw river dredging kicks off

The Odaw River Dredging Program in Ghana’s capital Accra, aimed to reduce possibility of flooding, is officially underway, local media reports. 

According to the contractor Dredge Masters, dredging of major drains in Accra must become a routine exercise to avert flooding.

After inspecting the dredging works on the Odaw River, Operations Manager for Dredge Masters, Sena Adiepena, said that this project will prevent flooding and its accompanying problems in the capital.

“Equipment have been deployed. Planning and side visits with the client and consultants were done in March and looking at the progress of work, we are hopeful that this year we will be able to do enough to avert any disaster. We are hoping that in less than a year, we will be able to complete this work,” Mr. Adiepena said.

The dredging operations are being carried out day and night in a bid to restore the efficiency and holding capacity of the drainage to be able to contain the volume of water, especially when it rains.

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